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The Absorbing Clamp method of measurement is accepted by CISPR as a standard method of measuring the interface power levels on cable connected to elecronic and electrical devices. Measurements can be made from 30 MHz - 1 GHz

The Absorbing Clamp consists of a ferrite current transformer calibrated for the frequency range of 30 MHz - 1 GHz and two groups of ferrite rings surrounds the lead from the current transformer to the measuring device to minimize standingwaves. The second group of ferrite rings surronds the mains lead connected to the apparatus to isolate the device undertest. These rings act as an impedance to stabilize the power mains lead connected to the energy to isolate the device under test from the mains. The mais lead to the apparatus under test is easily placed inside the aperture of the ings since the rings can be opened and closed. The 6 dB attenuator at the output of the Absorbing Clamp is for impedance matching purposes per CISPR 16-1-3.

The current transformer is placed around the mains lead, and provides a voltage proportional to the rasultant current in the leads. The equipament under test is placed on a non-metallic table at least 70 cm from any other metallic objects and the mais lead is place horizontally in a straight line for a distance sufficient to permit the movement of the position of the clamp for tunig. The current transformer and the absorbing rings are placed around the mais lead.

Connect the output current transformer and the 6 dB attenuator to the measuring set by means of a 50Ω coaxial cable. Move the ferrite clamp along the mains cable to obtain the highest reading at each test frequency. The Absorbing Clamp case is equipped with rollers so that movement along the mains line to the highest interference location is easily accomplished.

The measured interference power is derived by reference to the calibration curve. The calibration curve is the insertion loss of the Absorbing Clamp plus the 6 dB attenuator.
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